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Introducing… The Pitch Academy


The Pitch Professionals Academy is a series of video courses that will help you pitch and win attention, business and investment.

Designed for professionals, startups and companies, these courses are filmed in High Definition, and include numerous practical exercises to help you develop your winning pitch.

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Introduction to The Pitch Professionals Pitch Academy

The Video Courses

Get nervous when you pitch?
Beat Your Pitching Nerves Now!

Don’t worry – you are not alone!

It’s one of people’s biggest fears, speaking in public. That’s why I’ve developed these personally tested and scientifically proven approaches to help you beat your pitching nerves.

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Create Your Winning One Minute Pitch as a Platform for Successful Business. 

How can you tell your story in no time at all?

These are the tools that have helped Startups and Corporate Innovation Teams to win Awards and Investment. Get the tools they used to build their winning One Minute Pitch. 

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Why Learn to Pitch? 

Business is moving fast. Nobody has more time, and nobody needs more complexity.

The old days of long PowerPoint presentations are long gone.

Your boss and your company’s board members want people who can communicate value.

Not just pitching up to the board, but pitching out to colleagues, partners and customers.

A great pitch inspires confidence, and builds belief in a new way of doing business.

Innovation needs to move fast. And a pitch helps the decision process move faster.

It’s time for The Pitch. And it needs to be Professional.

It’s time for Pitch Professionals.

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Working with David has brought a new level to the pitching skills of the Innovation Teams. The results speak for themselves: 3 out of 4 teams have won the Thales InnovAwards in their category! 

Evelyn Bras, Thales

In the last few years, I have seen David turn dozens of Startup founders into phenomenal pitchers. 

He is without doubt the best in his field.

Ruud Hendriks, Co-Founder Startupbootcamp and Innoleaps


Pitch Training for Corporate Innovation Teams and Startup Accelerators. Keynotes on Pitching. 

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